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多年以來頌唱晚禱得到許多專門的音樂家的志願服務。今天,座堂的晚禱詩班負責帶領音樂的崇拜。我們歡迎有豐富合唱經驗的和視唱能力高的詩班員加入。如有興趣安排試音請聯絡座堂助理音樂總監曾宇軒 (atsang@stjohnscathedral.org.hk)。

Forthcoming Choral Evensong: 


18 Apr 2021 / 5:00pm
The Third Sunday of Easter
Responses: Edwards
Psalm: 142 (Hesford)
Canticles: E-flat (Wood)
Anthem: Verily, verily I say unto you (Tallis)

2 May 2021 / 5:00pm
The Fifth Sunday of Easter
Responses: Jones
Psalm: 96 (Middleton)
Canticles: Evening Service with Fauxbourdon (Lindley)
Anthem: Sing ye to the Lord (Bairstow)

16 May 2021 / 5:00pm
The Seventh Sunday of Easter (Unity Sunday)
Responses: Ayleward
Psalm: 147v1-11 (Stanford)
Canticles: in C (Stanford)
Anthem: Holy Spirit, truth divine (Carter)

6 June 2021 / 5:00pm
Corpus Christi - Evensong with Benediction
Responses: Oxley
Psalm: 23 (Riding)
Canticles: in G (Sumsion)
Anthem: Ave verum corpus (Elgar)
with hymns for Devotion to the Blessed Sacraments

20 June 2021 / 5:00pm
The Third Sunday after Trinity
Responses: Ayleward
Psalm: 49 (Sinclair)
Canticles: in D (Dyson)
Anthem: Father of all, we give you thanks (Tambling)