Cathedral Council

About the Council

The Cathedral Council provides the Dean and Trustees with support, advice and co-operation in conducting the work of the Cathedral. The Council is chaired by the Dean and meets at the Cathedral every month.

The agenda for each meeting is prepared by the Honorary Secretary in consultation with the Dean. The Council divides into five committees, which meet separately and deal with an area of activities affecting the Cathedral:

Fabric & Furnishing Committee (F& F)–to look after matters regarding the maintenance and upgrade of the fabric, facility and property of the Cathedral.

Finance and General Purposes Committee (F&GP)–to look after the financial aspect of the Cathedral to support her ministry, programme and life of the Cathedral.

Outreach Committee–to develop, support and plan the outreach effort of the Cathedral.

Event Committee–to support the ministries of Lunchtime Recitals, Welcomers/Catering Group, Christians in Central, Cathedral Minders and Michaelmas Fair.

Joint Ministry Committee–to coordinate and support the ministries of liturgy and worship, mission and evangelism, communications and publicity, fellowship and congregational development, nurture and spirituality, outreach, pastoral care, Chinese ministry and Filipino ministry and act as a think tank to address the concerns and deficiencies in the life of the Cathedral.

Each of these committees reports monthly to the Council.


Election to the Council

The Council is elected every year at the Annual Church Meeting. The 2024-2025 Council members were elected on 28th April 2024.


Council Membership (2024-2025) 

The Very Revd Kwok-keung Chan, Dean (Trustee and Chairman of the Council)
Mr Craig Lindsay
Dr Ting-kin Cheung

Council Members
Mrs Letty Awingan
Mr John Breen
Dr Joseph Chan
Mrs Rita Chan
Mr James Choo
Dr Orville Clubb
Ms Dolores Dayao
Mr Patrick Fung
Mr Peter Fung
Mrs May Ho
Ms Doe Julianne
Mr Adrian King
Ms Natalie Kwok
Mr Felix Lai
Mr Frank Lang
Mr Stanley Leung
Mr Martin Matsui
Ms Margaret Sang
Mr Jason Wong
Ms Roselin Yuen