Welcome to the information page on Cathedral Sidesmen!

Sidesmen at the Cathedral are carefully selected and appointed at the Annual Church Meeting. This process is by invitation, regular and devoted parishioners of our Cathedral are considered.

The primary responsibility of our Sidesmen is to ensure the safety and orderly conduct of the congregation, which includes:

  • Greeting & guild parishioners at the Cathedral
  • Presentation of Elements
  • Collecting offerings during service
  • Ensuring the smooth running of the service and all activities relating to it

In addition to the aforementioned duties, Cathedral Sidesmen also uphold the responsibility of delicately handling and reconciling all offerings collected during services.

If you are a devoted member of our Cathedral and would like to learn more about becoming a Cathedral Sidesman, please get in touch with our team or contact Frank Lang, the Head Sidesman on 2523 4157 or email to