Pilgrimage to the Holy Land (2015)

Reflections on the pilgrimage to the Holy Land in 2015

'Nothing can quite prepare you for the chance to stand in front of the doorway of what was quite likely the Holy Family’s residence in Nazareth, to imagine the infant Jesus running over the threshold, or to bend down and put one’s whole hand on the place which commemorates the very spot where he was born. And to learn too that he was born not in a stable but in a cave.'
- Kate Olley

'One of the most poignant experiences for me was during our visit to the Garden of Gethsemane, on the Mount of Olives. We had learnt that the olive trees growing in the garden for the past 1800 years had been grafted on to older roots, possibly dating back to the time of Jesus. We had prayed at the Rock of Agony in the Church of All Nations - the rock that sits in front of the altar surrounded by a wrought iron rail twisted to form thorns.'
- Edward Coles-Gale

'I was overwhelmed with the list of holy places and Princess Basma Centre came in the least out of all the attractions on the itinerary. I must confess that I wasn’t excited about the visit and my mind wasn’t there. But I had finally realised the new meaning of following Jesus’s footsteps in my last pilgrimage to Jerusalem, the second chance for me to see the acts of love which opened my heart and mind.'
- Jeanniee Chan

More information and sharing about the pilgrimage are available in the report in In Touch