Weddings at St John’s

Can I get married at St John’s Cathedral?

St John’s Cathedral is part of the Anglican Province of Hong Kong Sheng Kung Hui, part of the Anglican Communion. Our guidelines and rules stem from our Bishop.

For a couple to be married in St John’s at least one of them should be a baptised member of a Anglican Church. By that we expect that at least one of the couple has been baptised and that he/she is a regular practising member of an Anglican church.

For members of St John’s or one of her Daughter Churches, or members of other Sheng Kung Hui churches, we ask that couples make contact with their clergy directly. Couples who live outside Hong Kong and who wish to be married here need to present us with copies of their baptism certificates and evidence of their membership of an Anglican Church (a letter from their parish priest will usually suffice.)

Due to the number of requests we receive for weddings and the amount of time and preparation, we believe we should give to each couple coming for marriage we can only accept requests, where at least one of the couple is a baptised Anglican.

Blessing of a Civil Marriage

We are currently unable to marry divorcees. However, in the case where one or both parties are divorced, the Cathedral is able to offer a service of blessing after a civil marriage. Many couples find this a meaningful ceremony. More information about this service is available from any of the Cathedral clergy. The guidelines above, concerning marriage, also apply to couples who wish to have a blessing service after a civil marriage.

If you have any queries, please call the Administrator at 2523 4157 or send an email to Thomas Li