Introduction to Sunday school

Sunday school

The Sunday school is the Cathedral’s children’s programme which is integrated with worship. After Sunday school the children will gather with the congregation into worship during communion and participate in the service.

Our vision is to provide God’s people with good sound teaching and resources that empower all ages to be transformed in Christ as they:

  • Explore meaning and mystery in the Bible;
  • Celebrate in worship, sacraments education and service;
  • Engage in ministries of love, justice, and witness; and
  • Live in inclusive communities of faith shaped and led by the spirit.

Guided by the Cathedral clergy, the Sunday school is run by a group of dedicated volunteers with a curriculum to suit the age, interest and maturity of the students:


Primary School
Faith - over 2.5 years old
Hope - 3 years old
Love - 4 years old
Joy - 5 to 6 years old
Peace – 7 to 8 years old

Junior Church - 9 to 12 years old

Discoverers - Secondary / High school students

(* Ages are as of 30 September of the Sunday school year)

The Sunday school meets every Sunday starting at 9:00am (to approx 9:50am) at the Fanny Li Hall / Li Hall / Harold Smyth Room of the Cathedral. The normal Sunday school runs from September to June while there is a special programme during the summer.

Sunday school class Sunday school class 

Besides the weekly Sunday school sessions, the Sunday school also holds special annual events including: -

  • Harvest Festival Donation Project;
  • Michaelmas Fair Musical;
  • Christmas Gifts Collection;
  • Nativity Play;
  • Baptism and First Communion Course;
  • Mothering Sunday Cakes Presentation;
  • Lent Project;
  • Book Sunday;
  • Summer Programme

Nativity Play Michaelmas Fair 

The Parents Sharing Group also meets on Sunday in the Upper Room during the Sunday school. Parents are welcome to join and share their religious experience with each other.

If you are interested in joining the Sunday school, please complete the online form for registration.

For queries please send an email to